What Was Nappa to Vegeta? We Asked a Psychology Expert Why These Two Didn't Make a Good Team!


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  • i think he's right about everything. Vegeta learns to communicate and behave better after having a family.

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    • ナッパとベジータの組み合わせが取り上げられるのは珍しくて面白かったです!


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      It was rare and interesting to see the combination of Nappa and Vegeta featured!

      It would be interesting to consider the relationship between Goku Black and Zamasu in the manga.

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    • I love this article! It's cooling talking about how the characters felt about each other :)

    • He just do what he wants. Even when he is good it is because he want to be good.

    • Finally an answer to why Vegeta brutally killed Nappa.

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • very interesant :)

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      very interesting :)

    • Definitely not the best couple and at the same time one of the most entertaining. Nappa's demise is just ruthless from Vegeta, one my favorite parts of the story.