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  • Looking forward to Sandland!

  • Agradecemos todo el sentimiento que nos diste Akira Toriyama y siempre estarás en nuestro corazón muchas gracias por todo lo que nos has dado y que tenga un buen viaje guerrero Sayayin ahora quiero pedirle a lo derechos de este anime que le den el cargo al arco del anime a toyotaro

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    We appreciate all the feeling that you gave us Akira Toriyama and you will always be in our hearts. Thank you very much for everything you have given us and have a good trip warrior Sayayin now I want to ask the rights of this anime to give charge to the anime arc to toyotaro

  • Akira Toriyama, Thank you for all the inspiration to Train , Martial Arts & Draw & made me a fan of anime & all of the Wonderful memories you blessed us with, you have been a major influence on my life growing up. May your Legacy forever Live on. Prayers to you & your family. You're gonna be missed by so many. Rest in Peace. ????️????

  • ???????????? Akira Toriyama, "The man" that brought us the best in a time when Anime became the flagship of what we have now, and gave us something to be inspired by and made a place in our hearts as we All watched Goku grow up and become super Saiyan for the first time. We watched his character grow. We saw him meet chi chi for the first time, we all witnessed his marriage, and when he had Gohan. Up until he grew up and had a family of is own.

    "The Myth" Akira wrote the story of a Saiyan who came to earth as a small boy, one who was meant to conquer earth but instead, he then became so much more and became a protector of earth & the universe. He made sure Goku never failed as he wanted a hero made of natural and supernatural strength and self discipline with years of training, and the love and support of his friends fulfilling his purpose to becoming more than just a well seasoned Saiyan warrior.

    "The Legend" Akira became legend through all that loved him and all that will miss him, leaving behind 38 years of one thee best animated martial arts series of our. As the world weeps in tears we will all miss Akira Toriyama San as his work will always live on by all he Inspired he lives and will never be forgotten The Legend of Akira Toriyama will always be remembered.