DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World Is Finally Here! Booster Packs & Four Starter Decks On Sale Now!



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  • さっそく一通り買って遊んでみました!マジで面白い!

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    I immediately bought it and started playing with it! Seriously interesting!
    You can play while formulating strategies with combos and it feels really good when you win!
    I'm looking forward to it.

  • Bonjour,

    Est -il possible d'avoir un réassort en France ou sur Internet ?
    Cela fait deux mois presque que le jeu est sorti et pas un booster ou un decke en ma possession.

    Avez des liens ou on peux en trouver ?

    En vous remerciant, car je souhaiterai pouvoir participer a des tournois.

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    Good morning,

    Is it possible to have a restocking in France or on the Internet?
    It's been almost two months since the game was released and I don't have a booster or deck in my possession.

    Do you have any links where we can find them?

    Thanking you, because I would like to be able to participate in tournaments.

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  • Seems much interesting

  • Disponible bientôt en France ?

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    Available soon in France?

  • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

  • Can you take the same cards you got in the open beta, now in the final version?

    Podemos obtener las cartas que conseguimos en la versión beta para poder jugar ahora en la versión final?

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    Can you take the same cards you got in the open beta, now in the final version?

    Can we get the cards we got in the beta version to be able to play now in the final version?

  • Two weeks later and I still can't find even a single starter deck. Let alone a booster pack. Thanks Bandai. This has been a fun game to watch everyone else enjoy. I cant wait to join in months from now.

  • Me encanta

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    I love

  • i am a true cards collector and want to collect more so will be seeing some awesome new designs in new fusion world

  • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

  • スタートデッキすら買えなかったなぁ…

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    I couldn't even buy a starting deck...