Digital Version of DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World Released!


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  • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

  • Bro, I am so excited to play this!

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  • This game should definetly be on mobile, most people like playing card games on their phones instead of playing them on a PC.

  • Definitely need a mobile game

  • これスマホ版作ってほしいな

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    I wish they would make a smartphone version of this
    I want this or Heroes to be released on smartphones.

  • Is there a mobile version of the game coming? I think if they make a mobile version it would be a massive hit.

  • This is awesome

  • Please release this on iOS! >_<*

  • What is the game on is it only on pc

  • ドラゴンボール最高!

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    Dragon Ball is the best!

  • the download website is not working it doesn't even let me log in to download the game

  • bro card fight area is better than this piece of sh..

  • your download not working

  • Please fix the download site

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    • Looks so much fun, I hope one day it will come to mobile as well.

    • Someday maybe I'll try it

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      Someday maybe I'll try it

    • Looks interesting!

    • 絶対おもろい

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      Absolutely interesting

    • マジ楽しみフュージョンズワールド

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      Really fun Fusion World

    • Não estou conseguindo jogar, deve estar em manutenção :(