Release Date Announced for PS5® and Xbox Series X|S Versions of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available Now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Deluxe Edition/Special Edition
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam *Only available for Download version

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  • My brother in christ, the improved graphics look the same, you just added more grass blowing in the wind...

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    • They should add these things.
      - able to change mentor clothing with specific outfits you already unlocked
      - able to change custom character names
      - add more basic accessories such as headbands, capes and earrings.
      - also should be able to equip two accessories.
      - Saiyans should have the option to have animated tails.
      - Ban more modders (I beat 3 yesterday on PS5)
      - Cross platform play with XBOX and PS
      - Bulma’s announcements have to go
      - and balance some characters

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      • just....added blowing grass, didn't touch the actual graphics, "partially reduced" load times (in a 2016 game porting to next gen ps5/XSX) and added nothing else? I mean I expected nothing but yet I'm still incredibly let down by Sparking zero is going to destroy this game.

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        • The hair and clothes need to be less stiff for this to be considered "improved graphics", otherwise you're just sprinkling glitter on a cake with no icing.

        • I hope they show us more of this, like some updated fighting mechanics, stage destruction, transformations (super saiyan hair actually changing instead of being base hair style, ssj3 not looking like a goku head swap, beast transformation without it making us look like gohan and not changing our eye size/style) etc. I know its alot. but the fans has been asking these for 9 years.

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          • Can we please finally get the Super Dragon Ball Heroes story arc and characters and transformation on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 please

          • Lo espero

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            I hope so

          • Can dragon ball XenoVerse 2 get crossplay already????

          • I'm getting this

          • They could’ve AT LEAST finally gave us hair spiking for transformations like ssj , but I guess grass particles will have to do for now


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            • My question is how will the steam version be effected cuz like am I going to have to upgrade my laptop just to get it

            • It's cool they're upgrading it, but tbh it be nice if it were more than just smoother-- prettier looking graphics. I'd like to see the hair change mod be added. Xenoverse 2 is going to be what it is, but the hair change mod for transformations would bring a different dynamic and feel to the CAC aspect making the RPG more immersive. UT (Ultimate Tenkaichi) didn't sell us with the game play, yet for the CAC I feel like UT had the better I day where you're CAC's hair would change with transfromation. They do have it in the Dragon Ball: Breakers game fod CAC's.

            • we need more nighttime stages like West city ruins with the purple sky when you fight final form mira We need another planet Namek stage lookout can be nighttime capsule corporation can be nighttime destroyed cell games. Arena can be nighttime wasteland can be nighttime

            • Goku black boots for create a character, Too small, Compared to Goku blacks Boots on the normal character. The whole Goku black outfit doesn’t look right on the create a character. They need to fix that. and the animation on all the clothing is stiff and doesn’t move they need to fix that. and give us majin Kamehameha for all characters to use and let us change the color of our basic ki blast instead of it being yellow all the time

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              • our hair needs to stand up when we transform into super Saiyans And we should be able to change the color of our base aura For example, if I want the Goku black base form aura, that’s all black with purple in it then I should be able to change that there should be a setting where we can change that when we want or if I’m making a character that has green theme and I want a green aura then there should be that and one more thing we need new and more hairstyles

              • its the same thing ????

              • I honestly think the PS4 and Xbox One versions look better. This is pretty disappointing IMO.

              • Great new i will keep playing and watching DB it’s my life & my childhood

                Thank you sir Akira Toriyama for Everything

              • Man when are they releasing Dragon ball Xenoverse 3! I hear it's going to be awesome.

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