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  • I'm thankful of how much he gave us, he and his work will be remembered forever, greetings to King Kai!

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    • 鳥山先生のドラゴンボールを初めて読んだのは小学生5年生でした、、









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      The first time I read Toriyama-sensei's Dragon Ball was when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school.

      Weekly Shonen JUMP and the anime started at the same time, so I was looking forward to it every week.

      Before I knew it, I had been loving Dragon Ball for almost 40 years, and this fall, the new DAIMA for Fall 2024 will start airing! I know

      I can't stop being excited! When I learned of Toriyama-sensei's death, I felt empty inside.

      Mr. Toriyama is Dragon Quest, Dr. Slump, SANDLAND, Nekomajin Z...etc and others.

      You have drawn characters in various works, so many that I can't count them...

      I have nothing but respect!

      The influence that Dragon Ball has had on me is an incredible asset.

      Mr. Toriyama, I pray for your soul.

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      • 鳥山明先生、小学4年生の春にあなたの作品と出会ってから、本当の意味で人生を救われたのに。

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        Mr. Akira Toriyama, ever since I encountered your work in the spring of my fourth year of elementary school, it truly saved my life.
        He was truly a Kami-like person.
        I still don't want to believe it. Your worldview, such as Dragon Ball, Arale-chan, and SANDLAND, was my world. I'm sure I'll continue to live with that worldview. Please keep watching over me.
        I am writing this with a real sense of loss.
        My heart felt empty. How much better would it be if my head was empty? This is the most I can do right now. I really can't believe it.
        I want to become strong like Goku. Please keep watching over me.
        Dragon Ball: ``Will Kami please bring the teacher back to life?''
        Please rest in peace now. It was truly the best life to meet you. I sincerely thank you. Thank you, teacher, for your hard work. And thank you very much.

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        • One man alone has made millions of childhoods and enjoyable moments for all of us. We will never forget Akira Toriyama for the gift he left on this earth. I can’t imagen a world without dragon ball.

        • Infinite condolences, infinite condolences.

          May Mr. Akira Toriyama fly high and may happiness be constant wherever he is. May his family have infinite fortune and may his legacy never be forgotten. A titan of the manga industry a few days ago left this world and we all hope that the suffering and pain are gone and that everything begins to shine brightly in the lives of his family and in the departure of Mr. Toriyama. May he rest in peace, infinite peace, infinite peace.

        • I hope he's enjoying himself in otherworld

        • Thank you so much for all Toriyama.
          We will never forget you!


        • You will be missed on earth. Tell King Kai “Hi” from us!

        • 鳥山明先生の訃報をネットでみて

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          I was surprised to see the news of Akira Toriyama's death online, and I can't stop being shocked!
          Ever since I was a child, I've been hooked on Dragon Ball, and I've read all the comics and rented the anime DVD! !
          I aspired to work hard and become strong like Goku! !
          I pray that Akira Toriyama, who gave me such dreams and hopes, may rest in peace!
          thank you very much! !

        • とても急な出来事で今となって、なんとも言い表わす事が出来ない悲しみと虚無感が込み上げて来ます。。幼少期気付いた頃にはドラゴンボールが好きで気が付いたら夢中になっていた事を思い出します。大人になってからもドラゴンボール超を毎週楽しみにしたり、ドッカンバトルを友人と楽しんだりと、日常生活に当たり前のようにあった楽しみでしたが、今後の展開が無くなると思うとホントに悲しくてなりません。ドラゴンボールの偉大さは唯一無二です‼️今まで素晴らしい作品の数々ありがとうございました‼️鳥山先生のご冥福をお祈りいたします。

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          This happened so suddenly that I now feel a sense of sadness and emptiness that I cannot express. . I remember that I loved Dragon Ball when I was a child, and before I knew it, I was hooked. Even after I became an adult, I looked forward to Dragon Ball Super every week and enjoyed Dokkan Battle with friends, which were pleasures that I took for granted in my daily life, but I was really sad when I thought that there would be no future developments. not. The greatness of Dragon Ball is unique! ️Thank you very much for all the wonderful works you have done so far!! ️We pray for the repose of Toriyama sensei's soul.

        • とても悲しく、とてもとても残念です…



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          I'm very, very sad...
          I wish I lived longer
          I wanted him to live until he was at least 90 years old.

          This is the first time I've written a comment since you passed away, so I'm sure it won't ever be seen or heard by you, but I'd still like to send you my last words.

          Thank you for all the coolness, excitement, and excitement so far.

        • I want to start of this comment by saying, REST IN ABSOLUTE PEACE Toriyama sensei. You have not just been the creator of My favorite piece of media but also are and always will be part of my happiness and joy for the rest of my life. I, myself, cannot fathom the impact you have had on the person i am and even the connections i have with many people in my life. The characters your have created have gone beyond just drawings , but have also become inspirations for many attributes i consider to be essential for a good human being to have. I will always cherish the memories and friends i have made throught just knowing and loving this beautiful masterpiece which you have created. Even though im still in shock, I would like to put out my condolences to your loved ones, your friends and aquantences and also to the millions and even billions of people that have surely been positively affected by your work. Thank you for absolutly everything and may you rest in paradise............

        • 鳥山明先生……ショック過ぎて涙が流れるばかりです。

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          Akira Toriyama sensei...I'm so shocked that I can't help but cry.
          When I was in elementary school, I bought Volume 16 of Dragon Ball for the first time with my pocket money. I feel nostalgic for the days when I used to reread it every day. I wanted to draw pictures like my teacher, so I joined a manga club and practiced drawing Dragon Ball many times.
          I have three sons, and I raised them by showing them Dragon Ball since they were babies so that they would love Dragon Ball . As a result, I loved it and was looking forward to the start of Daima this fall. The whole family is now in shock and holed up in their rooms.
          Once I've cleared my mind, I'm going to watch old movies with my family.
          Teacher, thank you very much for the wonderful work called Dragon Ball! Of course, I will continue to love you.
          I sincerely pray for the repose of your soul.

        • Thank you for all... Rest in peace

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          Thank you for all... Rest in peace

        • It’s almost too sad to believe. May he rest in Peace.

        • Made an account to pay respect to this legend rest in peace to you akira toriyama u did the biggest influence in anime history thank you for everything and thank you for making our childhood awesome ❤️????????

        • Thank you toriyama sensei.your works made My youth very fun. I am forever grateful for your works.You have done so much for us. YOUR LEGACY will forever live on. I Will never forget you.

        • Thank you akira. Your creations were a massive part of my childhood, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You're an absolute legend, hope the kai's treat you well and encourage you to continue to achieve what you couldn't do here.

          R.I.P ❤️❤️❤️

        • I wish we can get him back with the dragon balls’ wish :( ????????

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          • ????????“Que na minha infância era especial para mim”… Descanse, lendário e genial mestre. Obrigado por ajudar a fazer a infância de milhões de brasileiros. Fui muito feliz crescendo vendo sua obra. Obrigado.

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