New BLOOD OF SAIYANS Figure Coming to Crane Games!


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  • Looks hard.

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    • This looks sick!!

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      • La figurine à l'air tellement cool , les détails sont très bien et le reste magnifique.
        J espère que la prochaine figurine sera Vegeta en égo transcendantale...

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        The figurine looks so cool, the details are very good and the rest is magnificent.
        I hope that the next figurine will be Vegeta as a transcendental ego...

      • Looks pretty good, tho I can't wait for Vegeta ultra ego

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        Looks pretty good, tho I can't wait for Vegeta ultra ego

      • Awesome

      • Ultra Hardstinct

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        • Dude this figure looks pretty good!
          I hope I can get one.

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