DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO Releases Playable Characters Trailer!

☆Release Date:to be decided
☆Price:to be decided
☆Genre:3D fighting action
☆Platform:PlayStation®5,Xbox Series X|S, Steam

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  • この為にPS5買っちゃいそうだな〜

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    I think I'll buy a PS5 just for this.

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    • 私は非常に興奮しています

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      i am very excited

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    • Not a big thing but is there anyway to make the game menu name switch to Tenkaichi. I was thinking about how Ultimate Battle 22 name would change once you unlock the other characters. Maybe a lil homage paid to the Previous Tenkaichi games since Sparking is the now Universal Name.

    • i am exited

    • this is great animation probably the best in the dragon ball series thank you

    • So excited for a new installment to the Budokai Tenkaichi series
      I went through 4 discs of BT3 on my PS2
      mean and my uncle would play for hours, great memories.

    • One of the best db games to exist, hasn't even released yet. ????

    • comming soon on steam waitting 2 months still coming soon sparking zero

    • Also genau der Grund sich ne ps5 zu holen

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      So exactly the reason to get a PS5

    • @BandaiNamco and @ToeiAnimation
      And Developers Spike Chunsoft on behalf of the Dragon Ball Community this is what we want and Dragon Ball sparkling zero in the base game or in DLC all the characters and transformation attacks super attacks clothes and also play all of the Dragon Ball series/ franchise in the story mode based off the anime the manga the movies and ovas and web series from
      Dragon Ball
      Dragon Ball Z
      Dragon Ball GT
      Dragon Ball super
      super Dragon Ball Heroes and also
      Dragon Ball diama and also some crossover characters from Dr slump to honor the creator of Dragon Ball franchise/series akira toriyama
      DLC Transformations and characters and abilities and attacks special and ultimate
      DLC For Dragon ball Super
      ultra ego vegeta
      Black Frieza
      Moro and full power
      Granolah And Full power
      Gas and FullPower
      True Ultra Instinct Goku
      Beast Gohan
      Orange Piccolo
      Potential unleash Gohan
      potential Unleashed Piccolo
      Control full power Super Saiyan Broly
      Gamma 1
      gamma 2
      cell max
      Story mode dragon ball super
      Dlc 2 Dragon Ball Gt transformation and characters and attacks and abilities
      Gt Goku Super Saiyan 1 Super Saiyan 2 Super Saiyan 3 Super Saiyan 4
      Gt Vegeta Super Saiyan 1 Super Saiyan 2 Super Saiyan 4
      Gt Gohan Super Saiyan 1 Super Saiyan 2
      Gt uub transformation Majuub
      Gt Trunks Super Saiyan
      GT GOTEN Super Saiyan
      GT PAN
      GT BABY VEGETA second form third form great ape
      GT ANDROID 17 fuse Super 17
      GT NOVA Shenron
      GT ice Shenron
      GT Syn Shenron and transformation Omega Shenron
      Story mode dragon ball gt
      Dlc 3 dragon ball characters and transformation
      Kid Goku great ape
      Teen Goku
      Kid Krillin
      teen Krillin
      Teen Yamaha
      Teen Tien
      General blue
      General Tao
      Master shen
      Master Roshi and max power
      Demon king Piccolo
      Piccolo Jr and Gaint form
      Story mode dragon ball
      DLC 4 Super Dragon Ball Heroes Characters and transformations and abilities and attacks special attacks

    • Please bring even more characters!!! Same rooster as in BT 4 and the new ones on top!!!
      I can’t wait!!!!

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      Please bring even more characters!!! Same rooster as in BT 4 and the new ones on top!!!
      I can't wait!!!!

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