Construction to Commence for the World’s Only Dragon Ball Theme Park!



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  • 行きたすぎる????だからこそ日本で作って欲しかったぁぁ????

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    I want to go there so much.That's why I wanted it to be made in Japan.

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    • ずっとドラゴンボールのテーマパークは作って欲しかったのでまずは嬉しい!

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      I've always wanted a Dragon Ball theme park to be built, so I'm really happy!
      In terms of climate, Saudi Arabia would have a Dragon Ball feel.
      I just wish they'd made it in Japan. Please do it someday!
      I have to go anyway! !

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    • Feels like it should be made in Japan... maybe the US... but Saudi Arabia? No thank you.

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      • Pourquoi ne pas le construire au Japon sa aurait était clairement mieux

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        Why not build it in Japan it would have clearly been better

      • Great news, I'm bout to save up. I'll pack my bags and live there... Tell you what!!!

      • I WILL 100% BE THERE. I just need to know when - the year - it might be open.

      • WOW!!!! This is so COOL!!!! I will go there very soon!!!!

      • いいなぁ…日本でも作ってくれないかな

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        That's nice... I wonder if they make it in Japan too?

      • Thank you toei and Saudi Arabia this is amazing!

      • これは楽しみ!




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        I'm looking forward to this!
        I think Karin Tower is quite difficult to make. . ?
        Is it supported by such thin pillars? ? ?
        But it's wonderful to have a dream!
        I want to go to the Room of Spirit and Time.
        I would also like to go to Kamesennin's house. What do you think of Capsule Corporation?

        Of course, I would be happy if it were made in Japan, but I also feel that there are various financial issues and difficulties in making it in Japan, which is a country prone to earthquakes. The worldview of Dragon Ball doesn't follow Japan's four seasons.

        Come to think of it, I can't remember a day when it rained while reading the manga (in the ending, there's Bulma looking at the rain outside!), so I feel like the Land of Eternal Summer fits into the world of Dragon Ball.

        Dragon Ball is a manga about Earthling, so I would be happy if it could be done on Earth!

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        • これは多くの地球人が待ち望んでたのではないかと思います!こんなテーマパークを待ってました!!






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          I think this is what many Earthling have been waiting for! I've been waiting for a theme park like this!!

          I can't stop getting excited just by watching the video!

          Of course, I wanted to do it in Japan, but I think this is the best place to recreate the world of Dragon Ball on this scale due to land and financial considerations.

          I can't wait to see how you can climb Karin Tower like a boulder ring, experience riding on a fluffy Kinto'un, look for Dragon Ball, and see if there will be a competitive performance at the Tenkaichi Budokai.

          This World is a huge treasure island, and no matter how far away it is, I will definitely go there!

          This is truly an adventure!

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          • ¡Increíble! ¡Ya quiero visitar ese parque!

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            Incredible! I already want to visit that park!

          • wow! i'm so excited! i probably won’t be able to go but i’m looking forward to the opening!

          • I wonder, if that'll come somewhere else than Saudi-Arabia in the future...

          • Félicitations à l’Arabie Saoudite pour ce projet.

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            Congratulations to Saudi Arabia for this project.

          • ¡Me encantaría estar ahí cuando lo acaben!

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            I would love to be there when they finish it!

          • Amazing can’t wait to go

          • AMAZING! This is needed in America and Japan as well not just Saudi

          • おらの日本にもドラゴンボールのテーマパーク、くれぇー!!!!!!

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            Give me a Dragon Ball theme park in Japan! ! ! ! ! !

          • うわぁ~行きてぇ~

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            Wow, let's go!
            I wish they would make it in Japan too!

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