DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO Releases Playable Characters Trailer!

☆Release Date:to be decided
☆Price:to be decided
☆Genre:3D fighting action
☆Platform:PlayStation®5,Xbox Series X|S, Steam

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  • Yes! That's awesome, I'm so excited to see a new trailer every month! Can't wait for this game!

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    • @BandaiNamcoUS @BandaiNamcoEU @SpikeChunsoft_e @spikechunsoft @dragonballgames @DB_official_en when are we getting the FullRoster And Dlcs And Release Date For #DragonBallSparkingZero #DBSZ PLEASE Hopefully @summergamefest @AnimeExpo #summergamefest    @NY_Comic_Con @gamescom


    • Very exited to play this game !!!

    • Also movie Characters I hope returns not only for the characters but also because many of these characters never had their movie stages get represented into the game. That Galaxy Tournament stage from the Bojack movie I never seen in a game not a city or areas that the Z fighters fought in that movie.

      Garlic Jr & his crew their stage also has never been playable.

      Original Dragon Ball also has lots of unique stages which some have been playable such as muscle tower or the RR Base. Or under Korins Tower.

      While Broly, & Janemba have always had stages represented in the game.

      DBGT mostly used lots of Z's stages that fit the setting but I also felt like some of DBGT could of had unique stages created especially the Tuffle Planet. Or planets like General Rildo fights took place.

      Or Lord Luud & Ledgic fights. Or crazy plantes like when Pan had to become a Bee.

      Right now I'm loving how incredible each stage looks that is being revealed in each trailer. I'm just hoping this is considered in current plans or even DLC.

      That's why what Characters are DLC are important, if they can bring also a new stage with them.

    • Android 13 his fellow androids it would make sense if they were added into the game to be able to use the fusion mechanics to become Super Android 13. But Android 13 by himself should still be able to transform without his fellow androids on his team.

      This would be something new for the Sparking Zero series.

      But to make sure what I mean is better understood. Android 13s comrades from the movie if those two other Android were on a team together they should be able to fuse to become Super Android 13, giving an alternative way to be this Character.

    • Right now Android 17 GT has a fusion that the console games never had. It would be awesome if he could fuse with himself to become Super Android 17.

    • Also hoping failed teen Gotenks makes an appearance for cell max purposes meaning Teen Goten & Trunks would also be playable as no teen Trunks From either Super or End Of DBZ versions have ever been playable in a console game.

      Just like Goku's ½ SSJ(False SSJ) form has never made video games appearance from The Lord Slug movie. Just like Hirudegarn's first form has never been console playable but has appeared in other mobile or arcade games.

    • I'm excited about these trailers but I hope Sparking Zero will make new adjustments to access certain characters like in this video for SDBH World Mission.

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • Speaking of Story Mode if the Dragon Ball & Shenron(s) mechanics is still in the game. I hope that DB/ DBZ 1 Wish Shenron is there if as well as the revamped version during the Cell Saga who can grant a few wishes now.

      Porunga, Ultimate Shenron, Smoke Shenron, & Zalama Universal Shenron. This isn't that big of a deal but I do remember The older Tenkaichi's did something like this, so I hope to see this return.

    • This trailer is awesome by the way. It makes me excited to play the game and see what similarities or differences the story mode has now.

    • I hope That Sparking Zero uses the opportunity to bring in moves, forms & characters that we don't normally see in the games. How many Dragon Ball games have had Super HFIL Fighter 17 but wouldn't allow for us to fuse into this character mid battle. Instead he has always just started out transformed.

      I remember Tenkaichi has something unique where metal cooler, Cell Jr & Sabaiman can be selected 5 times for team battles.

      But other characters cannot do this. I think this time around android 17 should be allowed to be selected twice that or you create a 3rd variant for 17 which is DBGT 17 who can fuse into Super HFIL Fighter 17 if both DBGT & DBZ 17 are together on the same team.

      We need more immersion like this. I love Xenoverse but for someone who loves the idea of transformations mid battle this was one of my biggest unfavors of Xenoverse. So I really hope Tenkaichi doesn't go that same route.

      There's lots of characters who had other forms which we didn't get to play as. DBGT Vegeta only had SSJ4 with no base form, and no SSJ or SSJ2 forms, this kind of thing should not Happen.

      Even Hirudegarn has a form before his final form. It's little details like this that draw the fans in and also make this Tenkaichi feel for detailed.

      Piccolo never had his Iconic Giant Form he had used in Original Dragon Ball. Again minor details like this make the game feel different and better.

      I could list many things. But moves and transformation will make the game feel more complete. Even the giant Ball Vegito had to defend from Super Buu Gohan absorbed has never been in the games.

    • I wonder what the next theme will be? I’m excited to see who will be shown next!!