[North America Info] Exclusive Items from TAMASHII NATIONS Coming to SDCC!

Stay tuned for more information!


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  • I like the DBS Trunks design and although I'm not a fan of the paint, this is my chance to get one (the resale price of the previous one is ridiculous). Jiren (a meh character that never ceases to amaze me how popular he is) and Goku again instead of any female character, whose lack makes the collection seem like an all-male party, it's a wasted opportunity.

  • I'm gonna buy all of them

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  • đẹp ghê đó . ước j

  • They are a nice add to SH Figuarts, I love the Goku-Gohan figure recreating such an iconic scene from BDZ intro. The Jiren looks great with the new paint, want to pair him with Goku Toyotaro Edition for some striking poses.

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    • This years' exclusives are very disappointing.

      We are getting another Goku 2.0 with a very dated faceplate. The new hand doesn't look too well. Another Gohan kid statue (rather than an actual figure) for a SDCC is also a mishap. The only redeemable element is the nimbus, which everybody will want to have.

      That particular Trunks is not very popular, and this "wet" (activated ki) paint don't look well on him. Maybe the accessories will look appealing (a ki sword?)

      This Jiren has "unnecessary" written allover. The ki paint in his pant is also bad (and I am not against it in principle, there are figures on which it loos great, i.e. Kaioken Goku) and looks weird against the regular paint in the rest of his body.

      Considering what you gave us last year, this is really a step back.

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      • I need that Nimbus now

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