Dragon Ball Returns to Comic-Con International: San Diego!

Comic-con International: San Diego
Dragon Ball Special Booth

Venue Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Marina Terrance
Date July 25th (Thu)- July 28rd (Sun), 2024
    9:30 AM - 7:00 PM(July 28th 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM)
Preview Night July 24th (Wed), 2024
                       6:00 PM - 9:00 PM



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  • Hopefully they talk about the continuing of dragon ball super mangas and dragon ball daima

  • seems like more Daima news, Sparking Zero, too. I'm not sure if there'll be updates on Toyotarou or the DBS manga, but we can hope, right??

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  • Dragon Ball Super Anime return, please!!!!! Moro arc, Granolah arc, extented Superhero arc!!!!

  • Let’s go new Dragon Ball Daima trailer!!!!

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    • Hopefully we get more information or a new trailer for dragonball daima

    • Really exited about seeing whats in store for the future of dragon ball, daima is something ive been looking forward too so to finally get more info is exiting!

    • Solo espero que no hablen solo de Daima, porque claramente al publico no le llama mucho la atencion ese proyecto, lo que esperamos es Dragon ball Super 2, la continuación luego del torneo de fuerza. Tambien esperamos el regreso del manga

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      I just hope they don't just talk about Daima, because clearly the public doesn't care much about that project, what we hope for is Dragon Ball Super 2, the continuation after the tournament of strength. We also wait for the return of the manga

    • DAIMA???

    • Oh yeah it's Sparking Zero time I hope

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