Weekly ☆ Character Showcase #160: Oil from Dragon Ball Super!


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  • It gets more embarrassing every time I look at him. Just give him normal big lips like Yasutora Sado and he would look so much better.

  • 来週のキャラクターは、オイルみたいに屈強な体格のあの人!

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    Next week's character is that guy with a physique as strong as Oil!
    Please let us know your predictions in the comments!

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    • АБУАБР

    • Oil est surtout une pale copie de Bido. Bojack et son équipage est plus charismatique

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      Oil is above all a pale copy of Bido. Bojack and his crew are more charismatic

    • Hi mein Neu da Dragonball da☺️

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      Hi my new Dragonball here☺️

    • Oil and Macki are in Freeza's army now!

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      Oil and Macki are in Freeza's army now!