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  • Thank you to the team behind the Dragon Ball official website for all the news, interviews, chapter reviews, and other great content throughout the year. My favorite is the character trivia and the Toriyama archives as they have some rare facts and things a lot of fans won't know also the Manga chapter drafts as it gets me excited for what's to come. Once again thank you all and good luck for next year.

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    • Keep on making the books, please. They are so good and helped me get back into reading.

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    • Thank you for all of the amazing articles this year. I am excited for more articles and interviews in 2023! Thank you again!

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    • Hola

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    • Gracias por mi parte al equipo de Dokkan battle por no parar de meter contenido!

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      Thanks for my part to the Dokkan battle team for not stopping adding content!

    • 来年もドラゴンボール応援していきます

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      I will continue to support Dragon Ball next year.

    • Muchas gracias a todos los que están detrás de todo esto y de que gracias a todos Dragon Ball pueda seguir aumentando y dándonos lo mejor de si, feliz 2023 a todos!

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      Thank you very much to all those who are behind all this and that thanks to all Dragon Ball can continue to increase and give us the best of itself, happy 2023 to all!

    • Gre Y j'y rôti brun ji tb by eh IUT eh IUT gh

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      Gre Y j'y brown roast ji tb by eh IUT eh IUT gh

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